The Color Match

For almost three years, I have been color matching women of all ages, ethnicities, and skin types. After matching over 6,000 women, I have become quite the expert. My specialties are color correction, mature makeup looks, makeup skincare beauty.

Find Your Skincare Ritual

Your makeup is only half of the equation. A good skincare routine is a necessity, but I have good news…it does not have to break the bank. I have products and routines to fit anyone’s needs and budgets while giving them the most effective yet gentile results.

My Newsletter

Once or twice a month, I send out a newsletter that rounds up everything I have been into or discovered that month as well as my favorite tips, tricks, and life/mom hacks.

Let’s talk makeup

It took me 43 years to find the perfect makeup and I am not gatekeeping this stuff. You need it.

My favorite skincare

Browse my favorite K-Beauty/Korean skin care.

My LONG lash secret

I naturally have the shortest, stubbiest, sparest lashes in the history of life. I admit it. However, 3 years ago, I found a magic serum! It does not irritate my eyes and has not discolored my iris (which apparently is a thing with some serums). I even have a discount code for 20% off!

Shop all of my favorites

From skincare to homeschool supplies, here is where you will find all of my favorite products.

Plump, juicy lips without injections

I have found the best lipglosses for plumping your lips naturally without the sting.

Learn more about what I do

Do you want to know more about the Seint Artist Program? You can get more info here.

The Ultimate Brow Guide

I have always been complimented on my brows and now I am sharing some of my best tips and tricks you in my Ultimate Brow Guide.

Beauty School – Eyeshadow Edition

You are going to want to get on the waitlist for this.
Eyeshadow School – from eyeshadow 101 to acing the smokey eye.

5 Clean Weeknight Meals

I have pulled together the five most favorite clean weeknight meals from my inner circle, and this is it! Now it is yours. I hope you love it too!